Remembering the Short-Lived Era When Bradley Cooper Was a Heartthrob

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Remembering the Short-Lived Era When Bradley Cooper Was a Heartthrob

Do you remember when Bradley Cooper was a heartthrob?

Yeah, what happened to that? We’re still Team Bradley, like indefinitely, but did anyone else notice that his “heartthrob” status quietly disappeared around 2011?


Bradley was in PEAK sexy form when he did the FIRST Hangover film.

Warner Bros.

He was both a) super famous and b) super hot and it was completely acceptable to list Bradley as your “celebrity crush.”


He was also in heartthrob territory when he appeared shirtless in The A-Team.



A lot of big Bradley fans will count his gay makeout scene in Wet Hot American Summer as his hottest moment. 



He was also a low-key hottie as the granola best friend in Failure to Launch.



He was definitely crazy hot in He’s Just Not That Into You.



And of course, he was mind-numbingly attractive in all the magazine shoots he did to accompany these various films.


GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine

But then, everything started to change…


He was named People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” of 2011 but it just seemed…false…


Nearly everyone was in an uproar that Bradley won over Ryan Gosling.

This marked “the end” for Bradley Cooper’s hotness.


He's still around…


He just doesn’t have that heartthrob sparkle like he used to…


We were rooting for the guy…


But it seemed like we were the only ones…


Goodbye Bradley Cooper’s hotness.


We don’t know why you left, but we’re here, awaiting your return.