How Jessica Biel and Bradley Cooper Got in Shape for A-Team

June 8, 2010 By:
How Jessica Biel and Bradley Cooper Got in Shape for A-Team

The much-anticipated movie, A-Team comes out in theatres this weekend. One thing we are looking forward to seeing in the movie is Bradley Cooper’s shirtless abs.

Bradley had to make sure he was in tip-top shape to conquer the role of Lt. Templeton 'Faceman' Peck. He told Hollyscoop he worked out “too much. Ashley Conrad was my trainer,” he told us. “I worked out with her and she was fantastic. I also had this food regimen and it was hard core.”

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Cooper recently told Details magazine that his body was in such tiptop shape that he thought it had been digitally enhanced when he watched the film the first time.

His costar, Jessica Biel who already has such a nicely toned body told us that the training was not really much different than what she was used to but it was the gun training that was difficult.

She said: “I worked out kind of normally because I did not have to do anything different physically, but we had an incredibly large amount of serious gun training.

Jessica has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood so what’s her secret? “Yoga, trainer three times a week,” she shared with Hollyscoop.

Guess it's not that hard to look good when you have a trainer to get your ass off the couch three times a week.