Bradley Cooper Thanks His Mom for Being Hot

June 4, 2010 By:
Bradley Cooper Thanks His Mom for Being Hot

Bradley Cooper is looking hotter than ever! Trust us, Hollyscoop got up close and personal with him at The A-Team premiere where he EXCLUSIVELY talked to us about being Hollywood’s hottest bachelor, his intense workout routine to get those amazing abs, and—oh yeah—the movie of course!

Photos: Bradley Cooper at A-Team Los Angeles Premiere

We just had to ask Bradley what he thought about the stigma of being Hollywood’s hottest bachelor, and he seemed surprised! “What’s it like having that title?” he asked us. We reminded Cooper that his picture practically comes up when you Google “Hot Hollywood Bachelor.”

Bradley Cooper Spending Valentine's Day With Mom

Bradley being the modest guy he is said, “My mom probably put that up there.”

Bradley also told us he worked with a war vet weapons specialist. Cooper definitely seemed to have a good time shooting the film.

He said teamwork was key: “It’s everything,” Cooper explained. “The movie business is a collaborative organic experience. The reason why the TV show is so successful is that when you have these iconic characters; it’s a great platform for all of us to listen to and then feed off of.”

Lastly, we asked why we should go see The A-Team in theaters, and he told us, “If you want a good time.” Reason enough for us!