Bradley Cooper Introduces Renee Zellweger to His Parents

September 4, 2009 By:
Bradley Cooper Introduces Renee Zellweger to His Parents

Things must be getting super serious between Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger because he's reportedly already introduced her to his parents!

The couple has only been dating for a few weeks so it comes as a little bit of shock that Bradley would introduce Renee to his folks, but apparently he did just that while they were in Philadelphia together recently.

A source tells the National Enquirer, "Brad and Renee drove from New York to Philly so he could show her off to his parents and old friends. They fell in love with her.

"Renee poured on her Texas charm, even arriving with flowers and a box of cupcakes she picked up at a local bakery for his parents. Hours after the visit, Bradley's family was on the phone with him, gushing about Renee."

Things are moving wayyy too fast for this couple--which is the easiest way to ruin the relationship. According to the same source Bradley is even considering temporarily moving to New York, where Renee lives, so they can spend more time together.

This couple still hasn't grown on us, we're still team Bradley and Jennifer Aniston. What do you guys think of Bradley and Renee as a couple? Love it or hate it?