Bradley Cooper Channels The Elephant Man In His Undies

August 1, 2012 By:
Bradley Cooper Channels The Elephant Man In His Undies

Before Bradley Cooper was launched to heartthrob fame thanks to a little ol' film called “The Hangover,” he appeared on stage at the Williamstown Theater Festival in a 2008 production of “The Understudy.”

Cooper has returned to his on-stage roots to play the lead in “The Elephant Man” in a revised telling about the famously disfigured London man during the Victorian era.

Clearly the handsome actor is a far cry from “disfigured” but that’s why it’s called “acting.” Also, this play tells the story of the Elephant Man, who with the help of a woman played by "Six Feet Under" actress Patricia Clarkson, becomes “the toast of London high society.”

Additionally, this play has seen various incarnations on the Broadway stage and no actor has ever worn prosthetic make-up to appear more “deformed.” David Bowie and Billy Crudup once famously played the same role.

In the play, Cooper strips down to some old-fashioned underwear and a cane. He’s seen buckled to one side as the original Elephant Man had to as a result from a curved spine.

The show is currently playing at the Williamstown Theater Festival in Massachusetts and every show is sold out. The show runs through August 5.

Hollywood loves a good make-under, when an attractive actor gets gritty for a role, but in Bradley’s case, even a story about the Elephant Man couldn’t make this actor any less handsome.