Why Selena Gomez Should Call Brad Pitt

June 18, 2013 By:
Why Selena Gomez Should Call Brad Pitt

You’d think that if your dad was Brad Pitt you’d be naturally inclined to see what he does for a living. Maybe watch a few of his movies or something. Sitting in a movie theater for a few hours sounds like the best “Take Your Child To Work Day,” right?

Brad’s got a new film called World War Z and don’t expect his daughters to be standing in line for it anytime soon or ever.

“If it’s got Selena Gomez in it or something they’ll be interested in it,” he told Access Hollywood at the Times Square premiere in New York City on Monday. “I gotta work on that for the next one.”

Hear that? It’s Selena’s agent making a personal phone call to Brad’s agent to slate a potential production of their next summer 2015 action-comedy vehicle.

It wasn’t a total loss for dad however. He says he still “earned some points with them and they gave [World War Z] a thumbs up.”