The Most Ridiculous Angelina Jolie Rumors of 2012

September 26, 2012 By:
The Most Ridiculous Angelina Jolie Rumors of 2012

Earlier this week, National Enquirer ran a story about Angelina Jolie, alleging that she had hepatitis C and was in desperate need of a liver transplant. That would explain her skinny frame and scary pale skin, but of course, like most (i.e. anything) from National Enquirer it’s NOT true.

In honor of the faux liver failure story, we’re rounding up the most ridiculous Angelina Jolie rumors from this year!

Angelina Hooks Up With Johnny Depp: Back when Depp and Jolie filmed “The Tourist” they supposedly slept together and Angelina is the reason behind Johnny’s split with Vanessa Paradis. Sources on the set said “Angelina and Johnny were constantly hanging out, cracking each other up.” What!? Laughing! Those homewreckers!

Angelina To Star in “50 Shades Of Grey”: This is so laughably untrue that Angelina was EVER in the running to play an innocent 21-year-old virgin in the steamy romance novel film adaptation of "50 Shades Of Grey." I mean, Angelina’s gorgeous, but she couldn’t play a believable twenty-something, even when she was 20!

Brad Pitt Wants to leave Angelina For Being Too Skinny: Earlier this year, OK Magazine reported that Angelina was pregnant again. Then she reportedly gave up eating (for Lent? For life? For ever?). Brad was so upset with her skinny frame that he threatened to leave her if she didn’t start eating again. Seriously? Seriously?!

Brad and Angie's Secret Wedding: Ever since Brad and Angie got engaged, there was a moment during the summer when they were rumored to be planning a blow-out wedding nearly every weekend. The mayor announced they were getting hitched! (Why would he know?) George Clooney was reportedly invited! Well, the supposed wedding date came and went and they still aren't married.

Brad and Angie Hire Celebrity Chef For Christmas Dinner: Yesterday, Hello! Magazine reported that Brad hired his old pal and celeb chef Jamie Oliver to cook the Jolie-Pitt Christmas dinner, because Jamie Oliver doesn’t have a family of his own to spend Christmas with!?!??!