Jennifer Aniston Dumped Brad Pitt??

March 6, 2008 By:
Jennifer Aniston Dumped Brad Pitt??

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up over three years ago, and they're still a hot topic of conversation in the weekly tabloids.

Aniston's close friend Sheryl Crow is tired of reading stories about the breakup and has taken matters into her own hands. She has a few things she'd like to clear up with everyone.

Crow insists, "For both of us, the perceived idea is that, in our big relationships, we both got dumped. Believe me, this is not true.
Neither one of us has ever gotten dumped.
No one ever knows what goes on in relationships.

"Unfortunately, for some people like Jennifer and me, so much is written about things that you don’t say, and so many emotions are attributed to you that you haven’t had."

Another Aniston pal adds, "Once Jen saw the writing on the wall, she dumped Brad. She took a cold, hard look at her marriage and realized it was irretrievably broken. She and Brad had vastly different personal agendas and feelings about love, career and having a family."

It's been three years people! At this point does anyone care who dumped whom? Brad is already on baby #5 with Angelina. It's safe to say he's moved on, now the rest of the world needs to do the same.