Got $13 Million? Brad Pitt Selling His Malibu Home

August 22, 2011 By:
Got $13 Million? Brad Pitt Selling His Malibu Home

Brad Pitt is selling his humongous Malibu estate. For a mere $13.75 million, you can buy a 4,088 square foot home right on the beach. Just make sure the home inspector checks the place for extra kids.

The home is four bedrooms, four baths and is located on Encinal Bluffs. It boasts a large kitchen with stainless steel appliances, three fireplaces, and tennis court.

What about the pool? Yeah, there’s a pool. It’s called the Pacific freakin’ Ocean. The estate backs onto a private cove right on the Pacific.

The property was recently approved for an additional story to be completed by Malibu-based designer Christopher R. Sorensen. Sorenson is known for his environmentally-friendly designs.

Malibu is home to some of my favorite celebrity pads. It doesn’t get more luxurious than having your home right on the vast Pacific Ocean. Plus, the wildlife is abundant: whales, dolphins—the occasional beach bum.

Courtney Cox has one of the most palatial estates in Malibu. It’ sits on two acres, includes guest cottages, a screening room and a saltwater pool. You know, if the one that takes up 35% of the Earth isn't enough for you.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have a 25,000 square foot adobe-style home in Malibu.

Jada said of their Malibu mansion: "For Will and me this home was always a spiritual endeavor. We’re very earthy, organic people. We wanted to create a family retreat, something made by hand and as natural as possible, something that ties back to the land.”

One wall of the living room is a floor-to-ceiling window complete with views of the mountains. On the property sits their own private lake, which Will says is his favorite spot: "Answers come to me out there," Smith says.

Another high-profile couple that calls Malibu home? The Beckhams. The posh couple are actually renting a home on the coast for $159,000 a month.

It's 10,000 square feet, practically all windows, and has a lawn and pool right on the beach. The master bathroom includes a large, freestanding tub with a window above it. And of course, you have a view of the Pacific right from the bath. I would never get out.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell also recently put their Malibu home on the market. The asking price is $14,749,000. It includes four bathrooms, four-and-a-half baths, a media room and guesthouse. The kitchen also has a gorgeous ocean view.

Ah, celebrity mansions. There's nothing like daydreaming about them and then getting snapped out of it by the sound of your apartment neighbor watching porn.