Co-Star on Brad Pitt: He Brought Kids On Set Daily

September 17, 2008 By:
Co-Star on Brad Pitt: He Brought Kids On Set Daily

Imagine a world where Brad Pitt is your father and Angelina Jolie is your mother. A world where 'going to work with dad' includes a big Hollywood production set with the biggest celebrities in the biz. It sounds like a fairy-tale to us, but that's the world Shiloh is growing up in.

Shiloh had her movie debut in dad Brad's next flick, 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.' But Shiloh wasn't the only Brangelina spawn that got to visit Daddy at work.

Brad's co-star Taraji Henson told exclusively at the Eagle Eye Los Angeles movie premiere that Brad would bring the kids to work on a daily basis. "He had one kid every day. One on one. I think that's incredible," said Henson.

He may be the most powerful actor in Hollywood, but to everyone on set, he was just Brad. "He's just so regular and down to earth, you'd forget he's on the set. He blends in, he's just like that," Henson told Hollyscoop. "He's not like 'Hey I'm Brad Pitt,'" she joked.

With megastars come herds of paparazzi. "They were going nuts over Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. They were being followed," said Henson. "It was insane!"

Now that Henson has fulfilled every woman's dream (being near Brad Pitt), what is the real Brad like? "Incredible. Sweetheart. Fine is all I can get out." And fine he is!

Check out our exclusive interview with Taraji Henson below...