Celebs That Got Their Start In Horror Films

March 1, 2013 By:
Celebs That Got Their Start In Horror Films

Some of Hollywood’s A-list actors and actresses got their start screaming and running in horror films. You might be surprised to hear that Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Hanks, and Brad Pitt (to name a few) were once teen screamers before they made it big.

Yeah, even George Clooney. In anticipation of The Last Exorcism Part II opening today, let’s take a trip down scary movie memory lane with all the A-list stars whose introduction to Hollywood was running away from axe murderers.

Brad Pitt in Cutting Class – Brad Pitt’s first major role was as a hunky basketball player in Cutting Class where a crazy high school outcast tries to kill everyone in the high-school because he’s in love with Brad’s girlfriend but turns out Brad’s GF’s dad orchestrated the murders to prove a lesson about ditching school. WHAT???

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween – This one is a no brainer. Everyone knows how Jamie Lee Curtis got her start flexing her vocal chords as a scream queen in Halloween 1 & 2. Fun fact: Did you know she also voiced the part of a telephone operator in Halloween 3?

George Clooney in Return To Horror High - George Clooney plays a high-schooler who dies when a killer named Hatchet Face (?) goes on a murder spree at the school and the film crew who planned to film the murders. Wait, what?

Johnny Depp in A Nightmare on Elm Street - Johnny Depp’s big screen debut was when he died at the hand of Freddy Krueger by getting pulled into the mattress of his bed and regurgitated as a geyser of blood.

Tom Hanks in He Knows You’re Alone - While Tom Hanks had a small part in this slasher film about a killer who murders brides, it was his first film debut. Tom’s character was originally supposed to die, but the filmmakers liked him so much they cut his death from the film. Awww.

Jennifer Aniston in Leprechaun - Jennifer Aniston starred in the first of the Leprechaun series of films about an evil leprechaun who goes on a killing spree to find his pot of gold. Jen does NOT die in the film, however, but she DOES do a lot of running and screaming.

Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation - These two star in a loose remake of the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre about a group of teenagers who get lost in the woods after prom night and find themselves in a barn with a bunch of chainsaw-wielding cannibals.

Who would have thought running and screaming and cornstarch blood would lead these stars to Oscars and magazine covers? We have our eye on horror genre newcomer Ashley Bell, who returns to the big screen to reprise her role as Nell in The Last Exorcism Part II. Will she be the next big star to get her start in a horror franchise? If these above stars careers are any indication, welcome to the A-List Ashley Bell.