Celebs Go Overseas For Big Bucks

December 3, 2010 By:
Celebs Go Overseas For Big Bucks

For decades, American celebrities have turned to overseas endorsement deals as an easy way to make big money--without damaging their reputations here in the states.

Brad Pitt is willing to be an assistant to a sumo wrestler, George Clooney pretends he drives a Honda and Cameron Diaz can act like she needs a refresher course in English--and they did all for the Benjamin's!

Check out these five overseas commercials that feature George, Brad, Julia, Cameron and Madonna...now we know how they buy those private planes and French chateaus!

George Clooney's Honda Commercial

George Clooney is used to private jets and chauffeured cars, but when Honda came knocking on his door with a big paycheck, he was totally willing to pretend he drives one. Clooney made millions off this Japanese Honda Odyssey commercial that was actually shot in Milan. Score! He had fun playing around with the cameras and flirting with the ladies on set, so it was clearly a win-win situation for everyone. Check out his commercial below...

Brad Pitt's SoftBank Commercial

Brad got big bucks from Japanese mobile phone company giant SoftBank to film this commercial, which also featured former Yokozuna sumo wrestler Musashimaru Koyo, and was directed by Spike Jonze. SoftBank loved Brad so much, they shot a second commercial with him. The first commercial features Brad Pitt as a personal assistant for Musashimaru. The Japanese at the end says, “If you use a cell phone, use a light one.” The second one features Brad Pitt as Musashimaru personal assistant again, this time at a restaurant. Cameron Diaz also did work for SoftBank and got paid $3 million for just 6 hours worth of work, so it's safe to assume Brad was offered at least double.

Julia Roberts's Lavazza coffee

Italians love Julia Roberts so much, they offered her $1.5 million dollars for a 45 second commercial in which she has NO lines. All she had to do was stand around and flash her gorgeous smile. She poses among the clouds as goddess Venus as an actor playing Renaissance painter Botticelli struggles to make her smile. At the end Lavazza coffee finally puts a smile on her face...that and the paycheck.

Cameron Diaz's Aeon Ad

Cameron Diaz speaks perfect English but for a few million she'll totally pretend she needs help in the English department. Cam got paid big money for this Aeon commercial, which is an English College in Japan. Celine Dion replaced Mariah Carey as the celebrity endorser for the school and Cameron Diaz replaced Dion. They all made a killing from the commercial.

Madonna's BMW M5 Commercial

Thanks to the power of the internet most of us saw this BMW commercial featuring Madonna and Clive Owen that was directed by Madge's then hubby Guy Ritchie. But the commercial was actually intended for Sweden. Madonna fans helped spread the video on the internet and within hours it was on just about every website. In case you missed this video from 2008, check it out below...