Brad Visits Angie on Set of Salt

June 9, 2009 By:
Brad Visits Angie on Set of Salt

So much for those break-up rumors! Brad Pitt showed up to the set of Angie’s current movie set Salt yesterday, proving once again that they were planning on splitting up any time soon.

Tabloid reports had suggested the power couple was about to make an announcement of their break-up, which was quickly shot down by their rep, who called the story “absolutely not true.”

Brad showed up to the Washington D. C. set without any of the kids yesterday. A witness tells Us Weely, “They had lots of fun and looked so in love.”

Angie’s personal rep echoed that statement, calling the rumors of their split “not true at all.”

Well that’s a relief! We hate to see any Hollywood couple split up, but especially those with kids! So why is it that the tabloids are obsessed with trying to break Brad and Angie up? We seem to hear this story every few months, and it’s always shot down! Do you like them as a couple?