Brad Pitt's Younger Brother Is Getting His Own Entourage

July 23, 2012 By:
Brad Pitt's Younger Brother Is Getting His Own Entourage

Earlier this month Brad Pitt’s younger brother, Doug Pitt, skyrocketed to Internet fame. Not because of his godlike bone structure or Oscar caliber acting techniques, but rather, because of his one degree of separation from Brad Pitt and a funny Virgin Mobile commercial that went viral online.

The newest marketing ploy in the Doug Pitt fame game is the chance to join Doug’s entourage.

You and four of your friends can apply online to spend two days being pampered like a celebrity - free flights to Sydney, accommodations and all sorts of VIP treatments. Oh yeah, you’ll also get to hang out with Doug. Doug, a normal middle-aged guy whose brother happens to be Brad Pitt.

Now that Doug is basically a celebrity, he needs a crew, or an entourage. It’ll be just like that show, what was it called? Oh yeah, “Entourage.”

Virgin Mobile marketing director, David Scribner says, “We have been amazed at how Aussies have rallied behind Doug Pitt and shown they are keen to give him a ‘fair go’ as a celebrity. With such an overwhelmingly positive response, what else could we do but give Doug a chance to enjoy his newfound star supporters in Australia.”

The Virgin Mobile website features several 15 second videos showcasing Doug. Fortunately, his lack of acting talent proves to be hilarious. In one video, he tells the camera that calls to-and-from Virgin phones have unlimited minutes “so you can talk to your friends as long as you want.” He then turns back to the phone and deadpans, “yeah, I’ll have a medium with pepperoni” and hangs up the call.

Watch the video here: