Brad Pitt's Grandmother: Why Won't He Visit Me?

March 1, 2012 By:
Brad Pitt's Grandmother: Why Won't He Visit Me?

He's too busy working with Angelina on perfecting that leg pose.

Brad Pitt's grandmother, Betty Russell, has reportedly been living in an Oklahoma nursing home for over four years, and she wants nothing more than for Brad to contact her for her 90th birthday.

Brad's great-aunt, Mary Ann Lanier, told 'The Sun': "Betty misses him. He doesn’t write, he doesn’t seem to stay in contact with her."

(Note to self: call grandma sometime this weekend).

Lanier revealed that Brad used to send his grandma flowers every month and called her frequently.

"The last time he came to Shawnee, [Oklahoma], Angelina was very pregnant. She was just great, just like a member of the family."

Brad's great-aunt added, "There was no put-on airs or anything like that."

Oh. She must be thinking of Jen Aniston.

"She is a beautiful person," Mary Ann continued. "I'm pleased she is with Brad and pleased she's so concerned with children, that both of them are."

To make matters worse, 'The Sun' reports that the Rose Manor Nursing Center in Shawnee, where Brad's grandmother lives, is a pretty substandard place. Apparently, it rated far below average on a state inspection back in December.

But no complaints from Brad's parents, Jane and William. The two accompanied their son and Angelina to the Oscars over the weekend. Pitt's parents also regularly visit the couple on film sets and help babysit their famous brood.

Meanwhile, the two have been steadfastly hinting that they're ready for more kids.

"We average about two a year, so I guess we're overdue, aren't we?" Brad recently told 'Access Hollywood.'