Brad Pitt: My Christian Upbringing Was 'Stifling'

May 16, 2011 By:
Brad Pitt: My Christian Upbringing Was 'Stifling'

Director Terrence Malick debuted his movie, Tree of Life, at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, but the reviews were so mixed, people both booed and applauded at the same screening.

Brad Pitt was interviewed after the screening, and he discussed his own views on religion.

“I got brought up being told things were God's way, and when things didn't work out it was called God's plan. I've got my issues with it. Don't get me started. I found it very stifling.”

Another star who recently spoke out about her Christian upbringing is Katy Perry.

“I didn’t have a childhood,” Perry said, adding that she was restricted from saying “deviled eggs” or “dirt devil” in the house. “I come from a very non-accepting family.”

To be fair, I can’t blame Katy Perry for rebelling against her upbringing. Not because it was strict, but because I imagine she wakes up every morning, turns over to see Russell Brand grinning at her and just says to herself, “there is no god.”

Pitt added that he thinks of how everything he does will affect his children, saying, “…they know me as a dad, and I hope they’ll just think of me as a pretty damn good actor.”

Well, let’s hope they remember you on Father’s Day without yelling, “oh my god, it’s Brad Pitt!” and asking for an autograph.