Brad Pitt Might Have Sold His $13.75 Million Bachelor Pad

December 9, 2011 By:
Brad Pitt Might Have Sold His $13.75 Million Bachelor Pad

Following his 2005 divorce from Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt decided to buy a house in the ‘Bu. If you’re not in the know, the ‘bu refers to Malibu. Okay, no one actually calls it that.

Brad put his Malibu oceanfront home up for sale four months ago, and the actor suddenly withdrew the house from the market. He was asking for $13.75 million.

This place is seriously lavish, but compared to the castle he lives in with Angelina Jolie, it might as well be a cardboard box on Skid Row.

Alright, maybe not. At 3,300 square feet, the estate was originally built in 1962 and sits on top of a bluff off the Pacific Ocean. In total, the property sprawls 1.26 acres. The gated home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, glass walls, dark bamboo floors, and a walk-in fridge and freezer. I’m not sure why you need to walk inside of your fridge, but I guess Brad felt the need to.

The kitchen has a chic, industrial feel, with glass and metal countertops. Basically, it looks like a fancy Chipotle. If Chipotle had badass views of the ocean.

There’s a brick and stone fireplace outside, which is enough for me. Can you imagine, lying out in the grass, in front of a fire, as the ocean waves crash in the background? Brad, why did you even sell this place?!

Then, there’s a long lap pool on the property, surrounded by lush greenery. The patio is fenced in by glass panels, so there’s only a transparent boundary between you and the water. The living room appears to have a hanging furnace. The home has already been approved for a second story, so it can only get more awesome from here.

Pitt brought the property for $8,410,080, so if he did indeed sell it, it’s quite the profit, especially in this economic climate. Look at me, talking like I’m a big ol’ corporate business lady.

The house has had its share of celebrities interested in it. Ellen DeGeneres checked it out, along with Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon took at look at the property back in August, bringing her family with her.

Looks like Brad has one less place to live. But don’t worry, he’s far from homeless. He and Angelina own a few homes in Los Angeles, along with a French chateau, an Italian villa, a mansion in New Orleans, a Greek estate and a home in London.

These two have more homes than most people have TVs.