Brad Pitt: "It's a Shame I Can't Say Something Nice About Angie"

September 21, 2011 By:
Brad Pitt:

Brad Pitt is STILL trying to apologize for calling Jennifer Aniston dull and the other careless comments he made to the magazine, Parade. These two aren’t even married anymore and he’s acting like he’s sleeping on the couch and sending flowers to his wife’s office with notecards that read, “I’m really sorry” and, “Did I mention I was sorry.”

Brad Pitt is blaming the internet for taking his words out of context and still trying to explain himself.

Brad does a sit down interview with Matt Lauer of the Today show and tried to explain that all his comments about Angelina being the perfect woman, and how he’s so happy he found her should have nothing to do with Jen.

“I don’t know what was pieced together or put together. All I know is that my point was, the best thing I’d done as a father is be sure that my kids have a good mother. That’s all I was, or am, trying to say. It has no reference to the past.” Brad tells Today.

He also adds, “I think it’s a shame that I can’t say something nice about Angie without Jen being drug in. You know, she doesn’t deserve it.”

Since he made the comment to Parade that his marriage to Jen was “trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t” he’s tried to clarify his comments several times.

First he released a statement where he explained that he doesn’t think Jen is dull.

Then, he talked to People magazine and tried to explain that he didn’t mean what he said when he said what he meant.

THEN (oh it’s not over), Jen’s sources aka publicist aka herself, told US Weekly that Jen “was annoyed” by Brad’s comments in the Parade issue and that “she thought it was rude and inappropriate.”

Apparently Brad doesn’t read US Weekly (Does he not wait in line at the grocery store ever?) because Brad thinks Jen would understand that his comments were taken out of context, “She’s also a seasoned veteran and she knows. You know, and she’s a valuable person. We spent seven years together. Come on.”

Brad continues to try and crawl his way out of the hole he’s dug for himself. Oh and Beware: Brad Pitt uses big words. Like, multiple syllable words. Read with caution.

“I don’t wanna be encumbered by any of that. I know my intentions, and I know what I believe, and I know things get misconstrued.

And even though Brad and Jen’s marriage didn’t work out, Brad insists she’s safely in his friend-zone, which is kind of a slap in her face.

“I don’t want them to say anything bad like that about Jen. She’s a dear friend of mine,” says Brad.

Ohhh, the “friend” card, probably even more devastating to hear as a woman than when he called his life with Jen “uninteresting.”

Give him 24 hours and he’ll try to explain that one too. Hey Brad, here’s some advice, STOP TALKING.