Brad Pitt Falls Victim To Internet Death Hoax

July 30, 2012 By:
Brad Pitt Falls Victim To Internet Death Hoax

Brad Pitt is not dead. Not even a little bit. And celebrity death hoaxes on the Internet are totally stupid.

Reports surfaced on Sunday of that terrible gruesome snowboarding accident in Zermatt, Switzerland that over the years has alleged to claim the lives of Charlie Sheen, Christian Slater, Adam Sandler and Eddie Murphy. Now, it reportedly took out Pitt as well.

In case you missed any of these previous reports, each of these celebrities hit a tree while working their way down the slopes, and died on impact.
As with all the previous faux reports, this one surrounding Pitt is simply not true.

There was a disclaimer at the bottom of Brad's original story, saying it was totally false but the news spread and people began to wonder.
Daily Mail has the real details on all these faux stories.

The snowboarding accident is a fave gag of Global Associated News founded by Rich Hoover who defends it as an avenue of “free press” for the famous.
Right. And the delusions continue with the following attempt at justification, “It is dark comedy, done in poor taste, I'm guilty of that but the intent is not to be hurtful to one's character.”

“I try to make it very easy to dispel the myth…. The fans do get upset and get their feathers ruffled more than the celebrities.”

How strange that the public gets even remotely upset about gruesome death tweets? Especially when they involve someone’s fiancé who’s a father of six kids.

Anyway, many other celebrities have been victims of similar rumors over the years (though these may or may not all be part of Hoover’s life’s work) including Aretha Franklin, Bill Cosby, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Tom Hanks and Miley Cyrus.

Whoever is behind these rumors past, present and future – maybe you should consider getting a life? And a sense of humor.
Cause this kind of stuff, isn't funny. Not even a little bit.