Brad Pitt Embraces Old Age

December 9, 2008 By:
Brad Pitt Embraces Old Age

When it comes to celebrities, it almost feels like they either don't age at all or they age backwards. Sure we can credit modern day plastic surgery for their youthful looks, but in Brad Pitt's new movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button his character actually ages backwards.

With his 45th birthday approaching, Brad said he's actually embracing old age. Talking to Extra at the Los Angeles premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button he said, "I like the wisdom that comes with age. I wouldn't trade it for youth any day."

The last time Brad was in a movie where he had problems aging, it was back in 1994 when he starred in 'Interview With the Vampire' alongside Tom Cruise. When Extra asked Brad if he would star in another movie with Cruise Pitt responded, “Of course. He's a friend of mine. He's a strong one, that guy....I loved what he did in Tropic Thunder. The ending is hilarious."

It must have been hard making Brad unsexy, which is why he spent countless hours in the early morning sitting in a makeup chair. "My mornings started very early. Getting up at 3 in the morning and sitting in the chair for four or five hours," he explained. Hey, no one said aging backwards was easy.

Well when you're 45 and still making 'Worlds Sexiest' lists, you're probably doing something right and you don't need to be worrying about aging. That, and having Angelina Jolie as your girlfriend doesn’t hurt either.