Brad Pitt Discusses 'Extreme' Family with Angelina Jolie

May 18, 2011 By:
Brad Pitt Discusses 'Extreme' Family with Angelina Jolie

With six kids, I'm surprised Brad and Angelina don't have their own show on TLC. In an interview at Cannes, Pitt admits that their large family seems a little "extreme", but says he's always wanted a big family.

"I had a friend who had a big family when I was a kid," Pitt explained. "I just loved the chaos around the breakfast table and the fighting and the ribbing, and the mom making pancakes for everyone or the dad making pancakes."

Pitt continues, "I just decided then if I was ever going to do it—this left some indelible mark on me—if I was ever going to do it, that's the way I was going to do it."

Pitt says he's also more selective about the roles he chooses now.

"It's more important to me that if I'm going to do the film, there's something I can bring to it, it's not generic. And most of all, I'm painfully aware that my kids are going to see these when they're older, and I want them to understand something about their dad, and I want them to be proud of their dad."

I know it's been a while, and maybe we should be over it, but I just can't help but think every time Jennifer Aniston reads something like this she vomits.