Brad Pitt Designing $42,000 Chair

November 5, 2012 By:
Brad Pitt Designing $42,000 Chair

We all know Brad Pitt, the incredibly good-looking and über-talented actor in films like Fight Club and Ocean’s 11. But allow us to introduce Brad Pitt, the good-looking and über-talented actor in films like Fight Club and Ocean’s 11 that also happens to make furniture.

That’s right, readers…Mr. Smith is trying on a new career for size: furniture designer.

In an interview with Architectural Digest magazine, the 48-year-old stud revealed his plans and passion for the unexpected project.

“I’ve been doodling ideas for buildings and furniture since the early 1990s, when I first discovered [Charles Rennie] Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright,” said Pitt. “Actually, I found Wright in college, when looking for a lazy two-point credit to get out of French. It forever changed my life.”

The actor will debut his first installment, which consists of about a dozen pieces, ranging from modern glass tables, baller white chairs, a neo-metric bed, and—our favorite—a custom honeymooners bathtub for two.

Pitt’s noted New Jersey collaborator on the project, Frank Pollaro, will also display 45 of his own pieces at a New York opening that will run from November 13 through 15.

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But Pitt’s business schemes don’t stop at creating things for you to sit on. The new venture is just one of the many hats that the Oklahoma native wears.

Recently, Pitt showed off his philanthropic side, donating a hefty $100,000 to the Human Rights Campaign, an effort to support marriage equality in the United States.

Since 2006, the actor has also been known to take the creative reins on his films, including The Tree of Life, Moneyball and Killing Them Softly.

“I’d rather be behind the camera,” he said in an appearance in Interview magazine’s October issue. “As a producer, obviously, you’re part of a team that brings the story to the screen. It wouldn’t be there if you didn’t champion it or if you and a group of people weren’t championing it. I like that.”

Meanwhile, his wife, Angelina Jolie, and daughter, Vivienne, have been keeping busy filming overseas for the new Disney film Maleficent, currently scheduled for a 2014 release.

Photo courtesy of Pollaro Custom Furniture