Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Adopted Jonah Hill

December 22, 2011 By:
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Adopted Jonah Hill

‘We’ll take one Cambodian orphan, one Ethiopian one, and uh…let’s see. Yeah, toss in a Jonah Hill.’

Hill revealed that while he was filming a movie in New Orleans, his Moneyball costar, Brad Pitt, told him to crash at his home in the French Quarter.

"I was shooting [21 Jump Street] in New Orleans, and he let me live in his house," Hill said. "He said, 'Go live there!' I said, 'I'm there for three-and-a-half, four months," and he said, 'That's cool. Live at my house.' Like, he's the nicest guy."

Stewart then asked if Angelina was home. “Is he that cool?”

“He isn’t that cool,” Hill laughed.

So it turns out, the house was unoccupied while Jonah stayed there. Probably for the best. I can only imagine the hijinks that would ensue should Jonah Hill be living with the Brangelina crew.

JONAH: Moooom! Maddox is hogging the Mini Wheats!

ANGELINA: Dude, I told you, I’m not your mom.

SHILOH: I love you, Seth Rogan.


Jonah continued that his occupancy confused New Orleans tourists.

"Every day I'd get picked up in a black SUV and dropped off. But people in New Orleans know it's Brad Pitt's house," he told Stewart.

"It's literally on the tour. So, I would go home every day from work and there'd be a tour outside and they'd be freaking out, and then I'd get out of the car, and you could hear a collective audible sigh of annoyance when it wasn't Brad Pitt!"