Brad Pitt: ‘I Die Really Well’ In My Movies

January 13, 2012 By:
Brad Pitt: ‘I Die Really Well’ In My Movies

Brad Pitt, probably one of the finest actors of our time, says that one of his “strong points” is dying. On screen, of course.

“I just take a bullet really well,” Brad said in an interview with W Magazine.

When asked whether his parents have seen him die in a movie, Brad said: “They would have to. I die really well, by the way. It’s one of my strong points.”

And for most of us, watching ourselves bite the big one onscreen might result in some weird existential crisis. Not for Brad. When he watches himself die onscreen, he says:

“I’m just checking the boxes. Hit that. Missed that. Hit that moment. Missed that one. God, I’d like to do that one again.”

Brad graces the February cover of the magazine, looking as suave as ever. And not many dudes can make long, dirty blonde hair look suave.

Pitt also reveals one of the first roles he auditioned for:

“My agent sent me out for two films. One of them was ‘The Accused’ with Jodie Foster. I was so excited.”

When asked whether he was auditioning for the role of the rapist in the movie, Brad said:

“Probably not. With this face, I was probably up for the guy with the conscience,” which is basically a really humble way of saying, “I’m too pretty to play a rapist.”

I called up afterward and asked, ‘How did I do?’ There were three seconds of silence and then: ‘Have you ever thought about acting classes?’”