Brad Blasts Media for Bogus Shiloh Story

February 7, 2008 By:
Brad Blasts Media for Bogus Shiloh Story

Note to self: Don't piss off Brad Pitt. Brad has blasted Life & Style magazine for publishing a bogus story about his daughter Shiloh getting death threats.

The article, which was published this week, said that Brad and Angelina had to increase their security because their Shiloh had gotten threatening letters. It read: "Someone got to their doorstep and left a threat against Shiloh."

This pissed off Brad so much he didn't even bother going through his publicist. He said: "This is absolutely not true and reckless and dangerous to put these ideas out into the world."

Brad and Angie should get sue happy like the Cruise's. They should just start suing all publications that run bogus stories like that and donate their winnings to charity. Now that’s a million dollar idea!