Brad And Angelina's Royal Weekend In The Crapper

June 1, 2012 By:
Brad And Angelina's Royal Weekend In The Crapper

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may not be taking their rightful place on the porcelain throne this weekend.

Though British tendency towards propriety in language makes it hard to discern exactly what's gone wrong, we can deduce this, Brad and Angelina's freshly rented London home smells like crap. Literally.

Due to a problem with clogged drains that's apparently spreading from neighboring home to home, the British paper The Sun ran a story entitled, "Brad and Angelina star in Mr and Mrs Whiff," the gist of which is "their sewers stopped working."

The infamous pair and their brood moved in only a few months ago due to back-to-back filming obligations set on location on that side of the (stagnant) pond.

According to the article, Brangelina are considering taking up temporary residence in a hotel until the problem is fixed and the air clears. However it's unfortunate timing as Angelina was planning to take this weekend off from her busy filming schedule to relax and have her family participate in various activities surrounding the Queen's Diamond Jubilee -- a huge happening celebrating her 60 years on the throne -- possibly even attending the royal soiree itself.

Apparently the Jolie-Pitt kids have a fascination with the Royal Family, and their parents expressed interest in taking part in the official celebration. The Daily Star reported that a source divulged that the couple have even been in communication with the Queen, “They have sent her a really cool message of support, urging her to continue her work and celebrate with courage and conviction.”

Whether it was sent personally, by email, phone or Facebook is unclear. And yes, there is a Facebook page for the Jubilee. Naturally.

Back to the issue at hand, let's hope some plumbers tackle this nasty problem quickly. With courage, and conviction. We can't have Hollywood's most royally loved family living in a cesspool. It's just not proper.