Book Review: The Joys of Much Too Much

March 29, 2006 By:
Book Review: The Joys of Much Too Much

Bonnie Fuller is currently the editorial director of American Media, but has been editor-in-chief of Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Us Weekly, and Marie Claire magazine, among others. Now she has a book out called “The Joys of Much too Much.” Colleagues have called her a perfectionist, but she’s not that way at home, as she notes in her recent interview with the New York Times :

“In fact, I say it's O.K. — your house doesn't have to be clean. You don't have to have clean floors. Your drawers don't have to perfect, and dishes can pile up in the sink. That's part of my philosophy.”

You mention several times in your book that you are the main breadwinner in your family. Are you boasting?

"I do like it. I don't mind it."

But how does your husband feel about that? You never even say what he does.

"He is a self-employed architect. At one point, after we had our second child, he decided to take time off and stay home. I think he's happy that at least one person in our family is a breadwinner."

DAMN!! If I were Mr. Bonnie Fuller I would kill myself. He can’t even divorce his wife because…oh wait, it wouldn’t be all over the tabloids because Bonnie oversees most of them. I don’t know…he’s a lost cause I guess.

Bonnie does have some sound career advice for young women:

What field do you think is a good one for young women now?

"The field of celebrity journalism." (Woo Hoo!)

Oh, no. I hope that is not an expanding field.

"Yes, it is. That's why I suggested it. We're all competing to find writers and editors who can do it. The circulation of the Star is 1.5 million every week, and then it's 9.5 million readers, because it has a lot of pass-along readers."

What was up with the interviewer saying, “Oh, no. I hope that is not an expanding field?” Like she doesn’t care about Brangelina or TomKat, right? The interviewer also asked Bonnie about some political BS—WTF?? I guess she was pissed off that she got stuck interviewing Bonnie Fuller and wanted to make a point that she’s way above all this. Whatever! Either way, the book is a good quick read