Gates and Bono Give Green, For Green

January 25, 2008 By:
Gates and Bono Give Green, For Green

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates traveled to Davos, Switzerland today to announce that his foundation would give $306 million to use green technology and farming techniques to boost millions out of hunger and poverty.

He received a standing ovation and lots of praise from Bono, who is always present at the World Economic Forum. Gates is stepping down as Microsoft chair later this year and will focus more on philanthropy. Gates said the foundation set up by him and his wife, Melinda would give the money to help millions of African farmers feed themselves and others and work their way out of poverty in a new green revolution using targeted technology and training.

Bono said, "It's a very special moment in time, I think, for Davos, and people here. This is Bill Gates' last trip to Davos as Microsoft leader and I think it is an extraordinary thing that this man has not just changed the world once, but has now set aside the next act of his life to change the world again, and I think we should just mark this moment."

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has concentrated on improving health in poor parts of the world, has decided it is time to improve agriculture. Kudos to Bill and Melinda for attempting to make a positive difference in the world.