Labor Pains To Change Lindsay's Career

December 5, 2008 By:
Labor Pains To Change Lindsay's Career

Most actors make headlines for their movie roles. Lindsay Lohan is not one of those actresses. Her personal life is so fascinating, it often overshadows her career.

In between following girlfriend Samantha Ronson from gig to gig, Lindsay Lohan found time to shot her upcoming comedy, Labor Pains.

Her co-star Bonnie Somerville talked to Hollyscoop at the SLS Hotel Grand Opening on Thursday evening and insists this movie is going to change Lindsay's career.

"I hear good things for what I saw," said Bonnie. "It looks really good. She's adorable in it, people are going to be really happy and surprised."

In regards to her personal life always overshadowing her career Bonnie said: "I think people will realize why they liked her in the first place and they actually see her act again they see how cute she is. They’ll be like 'Oh wow she's a really talented actress lets stop talking about everything else for a minute.'"

We almost forgot Lindsay was an actress. Maybe this movie will help us remember why she's famous again.