John Travolta on Bolt and Working with Miley

November 18, 2008 By:
John Travolta on Bolt and Working with Miley

Disney's latest computer animated flick Bolt tells the story of a dog named Bolt (voice of John Travolta) who is the star of a hit TV show, and who also suffers from the delusion that all of his super powers are real.

When he is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City, he begins a cross-country journey through the real world to return to his studio. Miley Cyrus brings her vocal talents to the role of Penny, Bolt's human co-star on the television series. caught up with Travolta during the movie's press junket to the scoop on his character, working with Miley, and why he choose this heart warming flick.

Hollyscoop: What was it like bringing your character (Bolt) to life? Did you have to draw from your inner-dog?

John Travolta: "Fortunately I am already in touch with my inner dog. It was a new process for me and although I had done voiceovers as a kid, I had not yet gone on a journey of discovering how animated features are put together. It's to some degree a leap of faith because you don't have the other actors there with you and you don't really know what the animators are conjuring up. You do about Fifteen to Twenty Five versions of one sentence."

HS: Although you recorded your scenes at different times, Did you and Miley ever sing together?

John Travolta: "We finally did the video together where we sang together but we had to record our parts separately."

HS: How did your kids react to your singing with Miley Cyrus?

John Travolta: I was so popular when I got home after the news of doing a song with Miley, And doing a Movie was already big enough news and then singing and dancing with her I can dine out on that for months.

HS: What originally drew you to this project?

John Travolta: What led me to the piece was um, My good friends had done great animated features Tom Hanks did Toy Story and Robin Williams did Aladdin and I didn't want to do an average animated feature, I was competitive in a certain way, If I'm gonna do an animated feature, I'm gonna do a great one. Michael Eisner had offered me a couple and I didn't quite think they were there.

HS: So what helped convince you that Bolt was the right choice?

John Travolta: John was involved and Miley was involved and I though this is starting to like a high end animated feature and maybe this was the one to say yes to, when I read the script I couldn't really imagine what it would end up like But I though, I could play a dog with my eyes closed, People always compared me to a dog growing up and I didn't know weather to be insulted or not."

HS: How do you feel the end result turned out?

John Travolta: "After I seen the finish product it left me with something, I cried five times and I laughed probably a ton more than that. It left me as an audience touched."