Bobby Brown Gets ANOTHER DUI

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Bobby Brown Gets ANOTHER DUI
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Another day, another Bobby Brown DUI.

Despite claiming to be sober (they all do, Bobby, join the club), Whitney Houston’s ex-husband has just been arrested for a DUI…for the second time this year.

Brown was driving erratically around LA last night around 1AM when Police spotted his swerving and asked him to pull over.

Officers told TMZ that he reeked of alcohol so they asked him to get out of the car and perform a field sobriety test.

Apparently it’s didn’t go well. So they handcuffed his ass and sent him to jail.

Oh Bobby, what about that Matt Lauer interview from earlier this year where you paraded around your kids and swore to everyone that you were sober? Huh, did you really look Matt Lauer in the face and lie to him!?!

Bobby even went to rehab this Summer but was all like “I gotta go home” and left before his 90 day rehab-stint was over.

Bobby got his first DUI back in March, and a month later plead “Not Guilty,” but was placed on three years’ summary probation, ordered to complete a three-month alcohol education program and was told to stop drinking.

Obviously, he didn’t.

Because that’s “My Prerogative!”