Bobby Brown Charged With DUI

March 29, 2012 By:
Bobby Brown Charged With DUI

Bobby Brown was pulled over on Monday when he was caught talking on his cell phone while driving, and now Whitney Houston’s ex-husband is being charged with a DUI.

Not only was he talking on his phone and intoxicated, but he was driving with a suspended license. I think Bobby Brown and Lindsay Lohan should just pool their resources and hire a 24-hour-a-day car service.

Anyways, Bobby reportedly had a .12 blood alcohol level when he was tested at the scene, well over the .08 legal limit.

Driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license are both misdemeanors and carries a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail and $1000 per offense.

His lawyer released the statement that Bobby wasn’t “driving erratically” when the police pulled him over, but she left out the part of him failing the sobriety test.

His lawyer Tiffany Feder continues, “Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and Mr. Brown was not driving erratically. He was speaking on his cell phone. Mr. Brown has not been convicted of anything associated with this incident.”

Well, that’s not what TMZ says. And who are you going to believe? TMZ or a lawyer? TMZ.

“Mr. Brown is taking this matter seriously and an investigation is underway,” says Feder, “The legal process shall run its course.”

Brown was married to Whitney Houston for almost 15 years, and Brown has a history of arrests over the years for battery, drunk driving, drug possession and parole violations.