Arrest Warrant Issued for Bobby Brown

August 14, 2009 By:
Arrest Warrant Issued for Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown is in trouble with the law again! An arrest warrant has just been issued for him after he failed to appear in a Massachusetts court on a contempt complaint.

Norfolk Judge Christina Harms ordered Brown arrested the next time the singer is in Massachusetts.

Brown was supposed to appear in court on June 29th because he’s fallen behind $45,000 in child support payments for his teenage children he has with ex-girlfriend Kim Ward.

Talk about a deadbeat dad! And you would think Bobby had learned his lesson with this. He was imprisoned for four days in 2007 for failing to make the payments! Dude needs to get it together!

He is supposed to pay $5,000 in child support per month for the children. That means Bobby is 9 months behind! That’s going to be tough to catch back up on!