Blue Ivy Carter and Royal Baby are Cousins

July 9, 2013 By:
Blue Ivy Carter and Royal Baby are Cousins

This just in, Blue Ivy Carter is related to the yet-unborn royal baby. Of course she is.

Genealogy website,, has just revealed that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s future child will actually be the 23rd cousin twice-removed of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy.

How are they related? Blue Ivy is supposedly related to the Queen through French royalty.

French royalty?! So Queen Bey really IS royalty! BOW DOWN B*TCHES!

Also, the royal baby is distant 27th cousins with the Brangelina clan and 26th cousins thrice-removed from Celine Dion’s kids.

But it’s Ben Affleck’s kids that are actually ONLY 11th cousins with the future royal baby, because Ben is somehow vaguely related to Princess Diana.

Basically, everyone is related to everyone. WE’RE probably 25th 2nd cousins with Blue Ivy and the royal baby too!

Speaking of the royal baby, he/she is reportedly due “in a few days.” So, red alert everyone.