Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Are Getting Serious

December 22, 2011 By:
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Are Getting Serious

You mean they’re spending a lot of time talking about politics and stuff? No, that’s not what I mean, silly. I’m talking about their relationship!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds make a cute couple, don’t they? And apparently, they think so, too, because they just kicked things up a notch. The two are spending the holidays together—wait for it—in Canada. You don’t go to Canada with someone unless you love them. That’s actually in their legislation.

Blake and Ryan have been spending time in his hometown of Vancouver, where they went out for dinner with his family on Monday night. Blake has met the parents, people.

The next day, the two were spotted eating at Benny’s Bagels (I think they might sell bagels there). The staff says Reynolds and Lively were “really friendly” but they mostly kept to themselves. Well, what do you expect? For them to yell "BAGELS FOR EVERYONE!" right before starting a dance train?

They’ve been warming up to public appearances as a couple more and more. In October, they had an intimate dinner in Boston while Ryan was working on a movie called R.I.P.D. Recently, they were photographed together, and Blake has been seen going in and out of Ryan’s apartment.

It’s nice that they’re settling down. Both have been linked to just about everyone in Hollywood this year. Ryan joked that it’s impossible for him to have gone through all the women he’s rumored to have banged, because he’s not “potent” enough.

"Right now I seem to be on a speed-dating mission - at least according to those stories that are going around at the moment. Even my mom is confused,” Reynolds said. He added that “mo man is potent enough to be able to go through as many women as that in such a short amount of time like I allegedly have!"

No man? I have two words for you my friend: Jesse James.