Leo and Blake: Just Friends?

January 11, 2011 By:
Leo and Blake: Just Friends?

Does Blake Lively have the hots for Leonardo DiCaprio? More importantly, does Blake Lively know that Leo has a girlfriend?

Word on the street is that Blake was trying to get really cozy with Leo at Jeremy Renner's star-studded birthday party over the weekend.

“They were on the balcony together for an hour,” a source told Page Six.

“They were standing close in a corner and looked like there was a lot of flirting. Later, they were together again by the bar.”

My party source told me that the two were talking,but it was in more of a group setting with Scarlett Johansson.

There have been talks about Blake and Leo for a while now because they've been spotted having dinners and lunches together on multiple occasions. The two are reportedly just friends and have a new project together and that's it.

I know I sound like a horrible person, but these two do make a really hot couple! Blake is the new “it” girl and Leo is just perfect, so a hook-up wouldn't be too bad...that's if Leo were single!