It's Confirmed: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are Dating

October 12, 2011 By:
It's Confirmed: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are Dating

After a couple weeks of "are they aren't they" dating rumors, a source (gotta love those sources) has revealed that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are indeed dating, or rather that they are "trying out" a relationship which is the most confusing way to describe anything. What is that, like pre-dating?

Reynolds, who is currently living in Boston to film his new movie, took a trip to New York to visit Blake on the set of Gossip Girl on Saturday.

Blake’s 5-month long romance with Leonardo Dicaprio literally ended the same day that the Ryan Reynolds rumors began. Doesn't she need time to sit at home watching "The Notebook", crying into a blanket, adopting several cats and making play lists of Adele songs? She's clearly moved on very quickly OR Ryan Reynolds is just the rebound guy.

Anyways, a source tells US Magazine that after he visited her on set, "they hugged and then got in a car together. They became good friends on the set [of 'Green Lantern']. Now they're both single and trying it out. They're seeing each other casually."

Hey, what's more casual than booking a plane ticket from Boston to New York to visit your casual not-girlfriend-girlfriend. Hey that's super casual right? Right next to casually renting out an entire restaurant for a date or casually shutting down Tiffany's for a private shopping spree for your girl!!!

In a game of "whose prettier," Blake and Ryan always tie. So they really are a great match. This quote from the source comes just a week after Blake was in Boston to "hang out" with Ryan.

The couple apparently left a Coldplay concert together in New York, taking a train together to Boston where they shared a romantic meal at sushi restaurant O Ya last weekend. Then last Monday, the couple were spotted kissing at a train station before Blake headed back to NYC.

So yah, it's pretty serious. I love how celebrities will never have to deal with the long distance thing. If two celebs in different states are dating each other, it's just pocket change to hop on a flight to that other city.

Blake is just another pretty face in the string of women that Ryan has supposedly been dating. He was last linked to Sandra Bullock. He was also seen leaving Charlize Theron's house in the booty-call hours of the morning. He also supposedly hooked up with Olivia Wilde.

Ryan joked that he couldn't possibly handle so many A-List women as the tabloids are claiming.

"Right now I seem to be on a speed-dating mission - at least according to those stories that are going around at the moment. Even my mom is confused. No man is potent enough to be able to go through as many women as that in such a short amount of time like I allegedly have!"

I saw the Green Lantern, he's plenty potent. Amiright...ladies?