Blake Lively: You Have to Keep to Yourself

June 14, 2011 By:
Blake Lively: You Have to Keep to Yourself

Blake Lively stopped by the Today show this morning to promote her new movie, Green Lantern. While she talked about how great the new movie
is, I’m sure most of us were wondering when she was going to address the elephant in the room, ahem her nude pics.

The Gossip Girl star awkwardly sidestepped what everyone really wanted her to talk about by going on about the Green Lantern and how
charming Ryan Reynolds is, until Today co-host Natalie Morales asked her about the nude photo scandal by saying:

“There’s always going to be some internet rumors, speculation, out there.” Alright 7am programming, I know that you were trying to say, “Aren’t you freaking out that the interwebz put your naked photos on blast!?”

The always demure Blake Lively responds to the scandal rumors, “You know getting into this business what comes into it. You do it for the
art, you know, for the wonderful work that we get to do. And otherwise, you keep your head down, you keep to yourself, you know.”

And apparently she's been leaning on her family for support. She added, "You know I have such a great family and friends, they are my support system."

When she says, “you keep to yourself,” what she’s really saying is, take naked photos on your iphone and hope that nobody with internet
access finds them.

Was she taking the advice from Reese Witherspoon’s MTV Movie Awards speech where she not so subtly told girls with nude photos to “hide
your face?”