Blake Lively Says Marriage To Ryan Reynolds Is "Great"

October 10, 2012 By:
Blake Lively Says Marriage To Ryan Reynolds Is

Blake Lively went to a red carpet event last night so she can show off her post-wedding glow, and not surprisingly when asked how she was doing in wedded bliss, she said, “Life is great!”

Well, I could have told you that. Blake is married to the second hottest Ryan in Hollywood (second only to Gosling, of course), OBVIOUSLY she’s doing great. It’s called logic, America. Being married to Ryan Reynolds will always be perfect, unless your name is Scarlet Johansson, in which case, it won’t.

Blake stepped out to an event in NYC last night and flashed her new piece of jewelry – her ring bling. Blake’s ring ice might only be rivaled by Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring, which was essentially the same size as the thing that brought down the Titanic.

But I’m getting off topic here, Blake walked the carpet alone but didn’t seem to mind, telling reporters she was in love with her Chanel dress and her bling.

“I was so exited to be driving over here in the car in this beautiful outfit. It’s like a Disney princess dress!”

Eventually Ryan arrived to the event, skipping the carpet and meeting Blake inside the venue. A source says as soon as he spotted her, “he couldn’t keep his eyes off his bride, [he was] checking her out.”