Blake Lively: I Hope My Kids Are Girls…Or Trannies

February 2, 2012 By:
Blake Lively: I Hope My Kids Are Girls…Or Trannies

Fashion icon Blake Lively says her kids would seriously benefit from her awesome wardrobe. That's why she wants them to be either girls or transvestites.

"I hope to have a few girls one day," she told Elle Magazine. "If not girls, they better be trannies."

Blake has modeled for Chanel and recently, she was appointed a brand ambassador for Stella McCartney.

"I have some amazing shoes and bags and stories than need to be appreciated."

Here, let me appreciate them for you.

Blake is currently dating Ryan Reynolds and previously had a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, but she insists she actually hasn't had many boyfriends in her life.

"I've had four boyfriends in my whole life. I've never been with anyone that's not a boyfriend."

Lively adds that just because you might see her with a guy doesn’t necessarily mean she's dating him.

"If I spend time with a man, it's because I think there's somebody that I know well who has been a friend for a while."

Blake also insists that she's "never gone on a date." And this is the part where I call bullsh-t.

"Maybe I'm too shy," Blake says.

Or, maybe you just don't know what "date" means. Because if hanging out on a yacht in Cannes ain't a date, nothing is.

So what does she look for in a man?

"Confidence is sexy. When you see a man who's completely comfortable in his skin, it puts you at ease. You feel safe. You feel like you could trust him. You feel protected. You also feel like you can be yourself, because nothing is going to rock him either way."