Blake Lively Dishes on Gossip Girl Spinoff

February 2, 2009 By:
Blake Lively Dishes on Gossip Girl Spinoff

Attention Gossip Girl fans! The CW has already announced plans for a possible spin off series, which would be set before the soap's teen characters were born. But what will the new show entail?

Speaking about the Gossip Girl spin-off, Blake Lively told Hollyscoop: "I don't know too much about it, but I do know that our season finale, or the second to last episode doubles as their pilot."

"The second to last episode will be told in flashback and if it gets a good response it will become a show next year," Blake told Hollyscoop at DirectTV 3rd Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl at Progress Energy Park in St Petersburg Florida.

In regards to Michelle Trachtenberg making a return as Georgina Sparks, Blake told Hollyscoop, "I heard she was coming back, but they don't ever tell us anything." She joked, "We find out the day before."

What are your thoughts on a Gossip Girl spin-off? Is Lily and Rufus' love life remotely interesting for you guys? We wanna see more of Blair and Chuck. Hookup already, geez!