Blake Lively Caught Making Out with Ryan Reynolds

October 6, 2011 By:
Blake Lively Caught Making Out with Ryan Reynolds

Nowadays I don't trust any sources that claim Ryan Reynolds is hooking up with anyone. This guy apparently is boning half of Hollywood, but these Blake Livey and Ryan Reynolds dating rumors seem a little too specific to be false.

This past week Blake Lively has been "hanging out" in Boston with Ryan Reynolds while he's in town to shoot a film called "R.I.P.D" and a source caught them making out at the train station. Mind you, this is just days after Blake was reported to have broken up with Leonardo DiCaprio, also why would she randomly go to Boston of all places if not to make sexy-time with Ryan Reynolds? You don't cross state lines just to say "Hi" to an old pal.

A source tells Hollywood Gossip, "Blake isn't upset or fazed by the breakup with Leo at all. When Ryan took Blake to catch her train back to NYC they were making out and looked really happy together."

But then again, Ryan Reynolds was linked with Sandra Bullock, and then Charlize Theron, oh and also Olivia Wilde. So really, as soon as a new Hollywood starlet becomes single, give the tabloids like 5 minutes before Ryan Reynolds is seen mouth raping that person. What did Star just say? Hilary Duff divorced her husband this morning and Ryan Reynolds is already seen leaving her place on his motorcycle?! YOU DONT SAY!? Kidding about the Hillary Duff thing.

Anyways, back to Blake and Ryan. Ryan attended a Radiohead Show in NYC with his ex-wife Scarlet Johannson but apparently Blake was also there and Ryan actually left the show with Blake, both of them boarding a train together to Boston that night. Leaving with Blake after seeing the show with his ex-wife?! C'mon man. Not in front of ScarJo!

Then the two were seen dining together over the weekend at O Ya sushi restaurant. THEN, Blake was seen buying $270 worth of groceries. Which makes no sense for someone who just left Boston today. Either Ryan Reynolds has recruited Blake as his personal assistant or she's staying with him and buying his groceries, and don't try to say that they are "just friends" and that she's couch surfing. No two people that attractive can possibly be "just friends." There are laws against that, Newton's Laws of Attraction, look it up.

However, back when Blake was promoting "The Green Lantern" she was practically drooling every time she talked about Ryan.

She once told the Today show, "You're hard pressed to find someone more witty, funny, and charming than [Ryan Reynolds]."

Now that she doesn't have Leo anymore she can totally hit up that witty, funny, and charming Ryan Reynolds.