Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Movin' to the Suburbs?

April 19, 2012 By:
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Movin' to the Suburbs?

Ron Howard isn’t the only celeb tearing up Connecticut. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds might be moving to the Nutmeg State!

According to Us Weekly, Lively and Reynolds have recently been spotted scoping “different areas of Connecticut.”

The couple was seen leisurely browsing some houses in the quiet Connecticut town of New Canaan on April 12. Nestled an hour outside of the Big Apple, New Canaan is a suburban town currently populated with about 20,000 less famous people.

“They love getting out of the city and appreciate a slower pace," an insider told Us Weekly.

Quick! All those New Canaaners in favor of the actors moving in, start walking in slow motion.

Along with neighborhood shopping, an onlooker confirmed to the magazine a sighting of Lively and Reynolds doing some casual shopping in a china boutique and a jewelry store.

The Connecticut sighting seems to confirm that 24-year-old Gossip Girl has no intention of getting back with Leonardo DeCaprio, despite how young he looked in his latest film Titanic 3D.

A new house will surely be a breath of fresh air for the couple as Reynolds has reportedly been crashing at Lively’s NYC aprtment for the time being. I wonder if he remembers to put the seat down.

When the domesticated couple isn’t looking for houses, they have been busy making stuff for the big screen.

Reynolds has a slew of live action and animation films already slated for release in the next three years. Lively will appear in the hard-core drug running thriller Savages that will hit theaters on July 6.

If they do move to New Canaan, the actors will join a long list of celebrities who have lived in Connecticut, including 50 Cent, Katherine Heigl, and Chloe Sevigny.

Reps for both Lively and Reynolds have not responded to our request for comment.