Taboo Gets A Surprise Birthday Party In Vegas

July 16, 2012 By:
Taboo Gets A Surprise Birthday Party In Vegas

The energy was cranked up along with the music this weekend in Las Vegas for a birthday party to end all birthday parties. The guest of honor? Black Eyed Peas’ member, Taboo.

The DJ and rapper was about to perform his solo set “The Taboo Experience,” at the Rain Nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort in Vegas when his fellow “I Gotta Feeling” rocker rushed the stage with a special announcement…

“Hold up, hold up! We are about to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthdays tonight and we need a cake,” he said.

Arriving on stage behind were some party girls, sparklers, and a three-layered cake. Cue the celebration!

The cake itself was tagged with black and red coloring. It had fondant confetti, flames and some blangin’ shades. Topping the pop rockin’ dessert showcase was a pair of edible Beats headphones.

What birthday fiesta wouldn’t be complete without singing the “Happy Birthday?” And Taboo got a good one. led the crowd in a birthday anthem.

Not a bad way to start a set…

When the real music finally began, Taboo started strong with a fiery rendition at the turntables of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Ball So Hard” (aka “N****s in Paris”) from their Watch the Throne collaboration.

He also took to the mic from time to time throughout the set.

Along with Taboo’s hard beats, he dressed the performance with some hot dancers who changed wardrobe throughout the night to keep things fresh.

With such a lively set, it’s no surprise that he’s focused on pursuing his solo career continuing on into the future. Unfortunately, for Black Eyed Peas’ fans, that means a reunion will have to be put on hold moving forward.

“We’re so focused on individual projects because we needed a little break,” he said in an interview after the show.

A killer performance and a birthday’s not the only thing that Taboo had to party about this weekend. He and his wife Jaymie Dizon celebrated their four year anniversary on July 12th. She took the stage with him to close the set.