Bionic Woman Recap

November 8, 2007 By:
Bionic Woman Recap

How does the Bionic Woman's boyfriend not know she's
bionic yet? She kicked in the door to a wine vault
, swung a man around as though he were a male
stripper's t-shirt, and managed to run across several
rooftops with, well, bionic speed.

We're supposed to
believe that her boyfriend is a spy and a neurosurgeon
but it's taken him this long to start noticing that
Jamie has bat hearing and freakish Hulk strength? Her
eyes are computers, man!

It's going to be interesting to watch Jamie's and Tom's relationship as they both (predictably)
try to resist their attraction and (predictably)
do a really bad job of not making out.

I'm kind of
rooting for them to work things out because I want to
know if she'll shoot steam out of her ears like a
robot when things get hot and/or heavy.