Michael Lohan Writes Billy Ray Cyrus Letter

February 18, 2011 By:
Michael Lohan Writes Billy Ray Cyrus Letter

Billy Ray Cyrus is quickly becoming a country-fried version of Michael Lohan. And now, making a giant leap in assuming Cyrus cares, Michael
Lohan has written him a long letter.

In the letter, Lohan says he can relate to Cyrus.

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He writes:

“Why I ask, is it so hard for our wives, children and even the public, to
see that all we are trying to do, is to be there for our family and try to
make things right? Isn't it clear that the answer is so easy but the people
who don't matter, make it so hard?”

Maybe the people who don’t matter make it so hard because you write letters to other celebrity dads and then share them with the public. Maybe? Just a thought.

“While we can't change the world, our example just might touch a few, and
maybe even the one(s) we seek to save,” Lohan concludes.

I like how Michael Lohan’s concept of “changing the world” doesn’t involve
solving the conflict in Darfur, or finding a resolution for the whole
Isreal/Palestine thing, but is basically just people not saying mean things
about him.

And I wonder what Cyrus’ reaction will be when he logs onto his computer and
realizes he’s “got one of them dang-old e-lec-tronic messages from Mean
Girl’s Paw-Paw.”

Michael Lohan isn’t the only one drawing comparisons between himself and

A friend of Miley’s told Popeater,

"She's furious that her own flesh and blood would make a private matter so
public. Who does he think he is, Michael Lohan?"