Billy Ray Cyrus Pissed DJ Asks About Divorce

November 12, 2010 By:
Billy Ray Cyrus Pissed DJ Asks About Divorce

Note to reporters: do NOT ask Billy Ray Cyrus about his divorce.

A radio DJ for Nashville’s “Woody and the Wake-Up Call” dared to ask the singer about the topic today, and Billy walked right out of the interview.

In the audio obtained by TMZ, the DJ goes, “I have to ask you, because you are a celebrity, we have all heard your marriage is going…”

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That’s pretty much all Woody could manage to get out before Billy Ray let him have it. Billy responded, “God bless America, God bless our troops, Woody Johnson…look at you.”

Billy then proceeded to get up and walk away, but is heard in the background saying, “Very rude.”

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The DJ apologizes for asking, saying “I’m sorry I had to ask.”

He’s obviously telling the truth—his producer is the ones who comes up with the questions—Woody just reads them. That, unfortunately is the sucky thing about being the reporter, or the DJ in this case.

Billy Ray handled it pretty well, though. He was clearly pissed so just got up and left the situation. But seriously, he had to have seen this coming. His divorce is the white elephant in the room.

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