Search Begins for Next Billy Mays

August 6, 2009 By:
Search Begins for Next Billy Mays

Billy Mays was a one-of-a-kind informercial host. He could wake you out of a deep sleep in a matter of seconds! But the search has just begun to replace the late infamous pitch man. TMZ reports that auditions will begin later this month, and continue throughout the entire country.

A company called Media Enterprises will be on the hunt for someone who can match Billy’s enthusiasm to sell the next product that was on his list: The Mighty Sponge.

Apparently it’s so strong that it can absorb 2 liters of Coke. You may have to dig deep to find enthusiasm for that product. But just ask yourself….What Would Billy Mays Do?

Auditions begin August 19th in Tampa, Florida. Start warming up your vocal chords!