Billy Bush Laid Up In Hospital Bed

July 11, 2012 By:
Billy Bush Laid Up In Hospital Bed

Billy Bush is laid up in the hospital, and judging from his Twitter feed, he’s pretty bored with lying there.

On Sunday, the “Access Hollywood” co-host was involved in a bicycle wipe-out that resulted in a broken clavicle – which had to hurt, and apparently still does.

Upon arriving at the hospital the father of three began photographing himself in various propped up poses with various people, and then tweeted all about it.

The whole thing started with:

@billybush: How to get your 13 yr old to hang out with you...

Which included a pic of a heavy-lidded Bush in some sort of life jacket arm sling combo thing, lying in a hospital bed with his daughter standing over him.

He followed it up with an explanation, and a group pic of a mountain biking crew, pre-accident:

@billybush: Day started well. 5 mins from bottom after longest downhill ever (hate downhill) over the bars. Broken clavicle

The rest of his feed alternates between updates on his condition, musings on his fear of pain meds, musings on excruciating pain that he doesn’t want to conquer with pills, more pics, and retweets of well wishings from celebs (Chad Lowe, Maria Menounos, Dot Marie Jones, Josh Duhamel) and non-celebs alike.

@billybush: This is an all timer bless you RT @SelmaSisic: @billybush honestly found u annoying until u broke your clavicle now i feel bad for u

He had surgery yesterday which attempted to correct the injury by putting some screws in his shoulder. Yes, There’s a pic.

It’s clearly been a rough go for the TV host being laid up in bed. And if you want to do something for him, send him a tweet, they seem to be cheering him up.

We wish Billy a speedy recovery, that’s as painless as possible.

But seriously, ouch.