Billy Bob Thornton Gets Booed Onstage

April 10, 2009 By:
Billy Bob Thornton Gets Booed Onstage

We’re not quite sure what's up with Billy Bob Thornton and his attitude lately, but he seems to think it's ok to treat a radio host like garbage during a live show.

Yesterday news broke of Billy Bob flipping out at radio host Jian Ghomeshi when being interviewed at a Canadian radio station. Billy Bob was there to promote his new album with his band The Boxmasters.

The radio host made a quick mention that Billy Bob is known around the world for his cinematic accomplishments, but has now turned his focus to music.

Rather than being flattered, Billy Bob took offense to the comment because apparently his producers assured him that his acting career would not be mentioned during the interview.

Oh boo-hoo. Poor baby. Billy Bob went on to act like a complete fool throughout the rest of the interview, refusing to answer any of the host’s questions, which, by the way, were very poignant. Props to that host for keeping his cool!

Cut to the following night when The Boxmasters played a show in Toronto, and they got booed by the crowd! Thornton replied with, "Boo all you want, but I want to say something — we're really happy to be here, but I need to say something. I talked to this a--hole yesterday."

He added, "I don't really like sensationalism. If you look someone in the eyes and promise them something, and you don't do it, you don't get the interview. That's the way it goes."

Someone needs to knock him off his high horse, and fast! Watch the video of the radio interview below.